What are the benefits of using DBRSConnect?

Secure & Available

Our data API is available 24/7 and offers the same up-to-date content available to paid subscribers on dbrsmorningstar.com. API access is controlled and customized for each client's needs and area of specialization.

Intuitive Access to Research

Our APIs closely follow REST principles, are easy to understand, and are well documented, allowing you to access the research quickly. A flexible lookup service makes it easy to discover our content.

Growing Feature Set

We are consumers of our own product. While our early feature set is limited, you can expect new services and documentation to become available as we grow the API's reach.

Full documentation is available at our Developer Portal

Available Services

Authentication Service

Authenticate your client and obtain a token to use in subsequent API interactions.

Current Status

Lookup Service

Discover DBRS-rated market sectors, and search for new research by various supported criteria.

Current Status

Document Service

Retrieve details on specific research publications and download original research in PDF format.

Current Status

Issuer Service

Retrieves details about Issuers, including debts, ratings and securities.

Current Status

For general information or pricing inquiries, please contact our business development department at info@dbrsmorningstar.com