The Next Generation of Credit Ratings

On July 2, 2019, Morningstar, Inc. completed its acquisition of DBRS, resulting in a full-service global credit ratings business of approximately 700 employees around the world.

One year later, DBRS Morningstar is now one fiercely independent rating agency committed to empowering investor success by bringing transparency, responsiveness, and leading-edge technology to the industry. Market innovators choose to work with us because of our agility, transparency, and tech-forward approach.

Learn why DBRS Morningstar is the next generation of credit ratings.


Our credit ratings aren’t just about the quality of our research but also about the deep partnerships we forge with our clients. The DBRS Morningstar team is available throughout the rating process and responds in a timely manner. We have created a multitude of ways for clients to share real-time feedback. As a global company, we can connect you with an analyst who speaks your language.

Diversity of opinion

Our core rating philosophy differs from legacy rating agencies as we view ratings decisions through the lens of economic stress and change. Our Rating Committees and research groups actively collaborate ensuring that our rating decisions are a collective assessment of DBRS Morningstar’s opinion rather than the view of an individual analyst. This approach has led to increased predictive power and decreased rating volatility compared with other agencies.

Innovative and tech-forward approach

We are developing first-in-the-industry technology solutions to deliver ratings and the models that inform them. Our Viewpoint platform is the first of its kind, bringing speed, accuracy, and transforming the credit ratings process. Our sister company PitchBook provides a best-in-class user interface, making it easy for clients to access data, discover new connections, and conduct research on potential investment opportunities.

Increased transparency

We are shining a light on the entire credit ratings process so you can be confident in the expertise and data powering our opinions. Our comprehensive investor-focused reporting provides a concise perspective on credit risk. Where appropriate, ESG factors involved in our ratings determinations are detailed in publicly-available press releases and rating reports.

Our Leadership Team

Kunal Kapoor
Chief Executive Officer
Kunal Kapoor photo
Detlef Scholz
President, Credit Ratings
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About DBRS Morningstar

  • We’re a market leader in Canada, and in multiple asset classes in the U.S. and Europe
  • Rates more than 3,000 issuer families and nearly 60,000 securities worldwide
  • Approximately 700 employees around the world
  • Rates entities across all asset classes, including corporate finance, public finance, insurance, infrastructure finance, sovereigns, financial institutions, and structured finance
  • Data derived from our ratings activities and analytical tools includes web-based research and ratings data feeds that can be easily integrated into your company’s internal databases
  • Developed an ESG assessment framework encompassing up to 17 ESG risk factors, which is currently considered in DBRS Morningstar’s issuer and transaction-specific ratings for the life of the rating Registered in - the United States with the SEC as a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO)

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