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Saskatchewan Power Corporation: Rating Report

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DBRS Limited (DBRS) published a rating report on Saskatchewan Power Corporation (SaskPower or the Company). The ratings of AA and R-1 (high) with Stable trends for the Company’s Long-Term Obligations and Short-Term Obligations, respectively, are a flow-through of the ratings of the Province of Saskatchewan (the Province; rated AA with a Stable trend by DBRS; see DBRS’s report on the Province dated May 2, 2017). Pursuant to “The Power Corporation Act” (the Act), SaskPower does not issue debt directly in the capital markets but obtains funding from the Province’s Ministry of Finance. Please see “DBRS Criteria: Guarantees and Other Forms of Support” for further detail. DBRS considers SaskPower to be self-supporting, as it is able to fund its own operations and service its debt obligations.

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Saskatchewan Power Corporation: Rating Report