Press Release

DBRS 2018 Survey Reveals Positive Sentiment in European Structured Finance and Covered Bonds Markets

Covered Bonds, Structured Finance
June 06, 2018

DBRS Ratings Limited (DBRS) published the results of its third annual market participants survey of European structured finance and covered bonds markets. The results of the 2018 survey show a migration to more positive and constructive tones on the markets with some interesting insights. This is particularly evident by the number of respondents to our survey, with participation up by over 25% from 2017.

Long-debated regulations for simple, transparent and standardised securitisations will come into effect in 2019, and market participants are still slightly concerned about it. However, that has not tempered their overall positive tone.

The report reveals some insights into the views of market participants, including expectations for a growth in issuance, an increase in the number of investors, and a desire to get the European Central Bank out of the way, define the regulations and let the market grow.

DBRS’s analysis can be found in the commentary titled, “European Structured Finance and Covered Bond 2018 Survey Results”.